The Red Bean Grows In The South

Group Exhibition The Red Bean Grows In The South

Ai Weiwei Georg Baselitz Louise Bourgeois
Cecily Brown
Cai Guo-Qiang Tracey Emin
Omer Fast
Anselm Kiefer
Edward Kienholz
Nancy and Edward Kienholz
Christian Lemmerz Paul McCarthy
Richard Mosse
Yoko Ono Robert Rauschenberg
Alison Saar
Dahn Vo Yu Hong


15 Dec 2019 to 27 Jun 2021


Faurschou New York

148 Green Street Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York, NY 11222 USA

The Red bean Grows in The South

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Edward & Nancy Reddin Kienholz

The Ozymandias Parade, 1985, Mixed media tableau, 457 x 386 x 886.5 cm

I want to use the thread of time to paint and document a person from birth to growing into an adult individual and use images, pictures, news, photographs to document this country's vicissitude. Between these two parallels they both blend into one another, they both create a kind of dialogue.

Yu Hong

One can say "there's no such thing as a typical Rauschenberg" because there are such varied things but the more you know of the work and investigate it. The more you see there are these overriding concerns and themes that Bob attended to.

David White from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

I think my work is to some degree is pointing a finger at a side or an underbelly of society, the violence of society, the injustice of society. The absurdity, most importantly the absurdity of the human condition. What we've created and how we see ourselves is so absurd that I've always felt we don't even know we're alive.

Paul McCarthy

You cannot catch a dream that's why you need art.

Ai Weiwei