Liu Xiaodong Uummannaq


26 Feb 2022 to 30 Jul 2022


Faurschou New York

148 Green Street Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York, NY 11222 USA

In the spring and summer of 2017, Liu Xiaodong travelled to the remote island of Uummannaq, a small fishing and hunting community in northwestern Greenland where Inuit culture is still an important part of everyday life. On location, the artist created a series of works focusing on the Uummannaq Children’s Home, the world's northernmost residential institution for children and young adults from broken homes and disadvantaged families.

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"When I am face to face with my object, I paint it much better. Secondly, when you sit in front of someone you paint, anything foreign disappears."

Liu Xiaodong interview: An Orphanage at the End of the World

Gert is Gone, 2018
Oil on Canvas
300 x 400 cm

"Greenland is the end of our world. At the end of the world there is an orphanage. It almost sounds like a poem. An orphanage at the end of the world. That made me long to go there."

Liu Xiaodong Interview: An Orphanage at the End of the World