Looking for Oum Kulthum

Shirin Neshat Looking for Oum Kulthum


20 Mar 2018 to 7 Sep 2018


Faurschou Copenhagen

Store Strandstraede 21, 3. TH 1255 Copenhagen Denmark

As a “film within a film,” Neshat’s Looking for Oum Kulthum renders the journey of an Iranian woman, who is making a film about the most famous singer of the Arab world; the Egyptian singer, Oum Kulthum, often referred to as “the Queen of the Arabs,” due to her capability of culturally uniting a diverse group of nations.

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Shirin Neshat Bio

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Shirin Neshat works with subjects that raise issues of gender, identity and politics in Muslim countries through photography, film installations and feature films. This wide range of media, used in each of Neshat’s works, powerfully reflects the broad spectrum, in which female voices and visions seek to be heard and seen in a male dominated society.

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