Embrace the World from Within

Bourgeois + Greenberg + Ono Embrace the World from Within

Louise Bourgeois
Miles Greenberg
Yoko Ono


1 Apr 2023 to 17 Sep 2023


Faurschou New York

148 Green Street Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York, NY 11222 USA

Yoko Ono
Ex It, 1997/2015
100 wooden coffins, living trees, sound
Dimensions variable

Presenting works by Louise Bourgeois, Yoko Ono, and Miles Greenberg, the exhibition revolves around physical and metaphorical aspects of the embrace: From the merging together of bodies, becoming something more and new, to the act of acceptance and cover or by contrast as claustrophobic smothering.

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Louise Bourgeois
Fée Couturière, 1963
Bronze, painted white, hanging piece
100 x 57 x 57 cm

“Each in their own way, we see these works expressing complexities and ambiguity of the human condition that hold meaning to us all. In this constellation, the embrace becomes the thematic outset to foster new dialogues between three prominent artists and extraordinary voices that feel timeless and poignant”

Jens Faurschou