Embrace the World from Within

Bourgeois + Greenberg + Ono Embrace the World from Within

Louise Bourgeois
Miles Greenberg
Yoko Ono


1 Apr 2023 to 17 Sep 2023


Faurschou New York

148 Green Street Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York, NY 11222 USA

Highlighting works by Louise Bourgeois, Miles Greenberg, and Yoko Ono, the exhibition revolves around physical and metaphorical aspects of the embrace: From embrace as the merging together of bodies, to embrace as an act of acceptance and shelter or by contrast as claustrophobic smothering. Through performance, installation, and sculpture, myriad facets of the embrace are unfolded in three galleries, one dedicated to each artist.

Directed by Scott D. Keenan © Faurschou

In Miles Greenberg’s performance The Embrace, two performers, blinded by white contact lenses, sit on a large rock in a glass cube. Meeting for the first time, the two lock in an intimate embrace, gradually coalescing into one sculptural form. The amalgam of the two figures is reflected from below by a pool of saltwater. Overhead, a steady drip of fresh water quietly feeds into the reservoir, disrupting the reflective surface. The two waters fuse invisibly, like an estuary enclosing the couple’s feet.

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Yoko Ono is known for her ability to take on the complexities of the world through her art, which engages the viewer and lets them reflect upon their world. In this exhibition, two of the artist’s installation works, We’re All Water and Ex It, are juxtaposed.

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Yoko Ono
Ex It (Beijing version)
100 wooden coffins, living trees, sound

A drawing by Yoko Ono for the original version of Ex It, Valencia, Spain, 1997.

Yoko Ono
We’re All Water
(Beijing version)
118 glass bottles and water

Louise Bourgeois grasps inner conflict by expressing herself through tactile sculpture. In her work, introverted references nevertheless become universal subjects, recognizable to most. To Bourgeois, the embrace is of a shielding character, but as well-intentioned as this act of protection might be, just as insulating or even suffocating it can feel.

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