About Liu Xiaodong - 关于刘小东


Liu Xiaodong (1963) is considered one of China’s most influential painters of the last two decades. He is one of the leading figurative painters of the “New Generation” of contemporary Chinese Realism of the 90s and one of China’s foremost artists.

Liu Xiaodong is known for his distinctive working process; by painting site-specific with a focus on a local community and its culture, he works with major global sociological, cultural, economic, ecological and environmental issues from the past ten years; presenting the journey of a voyageur moving through the images of the various worlds and situations he has witnessed, in locations worldwide from China and Asia to Cuba, Europe and Israel.

Liu Xiaodong lives and works in Beijing. He holds a BFA and an MFA in painting from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (1988, 1995). The artist gained recognition in the 1990s and represents the Chinese Neo-Realism style. His solo exhibitions include Kunsthaus Graz, Austria (2012) and Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, Beijing (2010), while his work was also shown in various group exhibitions such as the Shanghai Biennale (2000, 2010), the 15th Biennale of Sydney (2006) and the 47th Venice Biennale (1997)




刘小东工作、生活于北京,分别于1988年和1995年获得中央美院油画系学士学位和硕士学位。这位艺术家在20世纪90年代获得认可,代表了中国新现实主义的风格。他的个展包括奥地利现代美术馆(2012年),和北京(2010年)尤伦斯当代艺术中心;同时,他的作品还参加了各种群展,包括上海双年展(2000年、2010年)、 2006年第15届悉尼双年展、以及1997年第47届威尼斯双年展。

Portrait Liu Xiaodong