Chen Zhen: Même lit, rêves diffèrents | 24.03.12 - 15.09.12 Press release


Press release

Faurschou Foundation Beijing
Chen Zhen
Même lit, Rêves Diffèrents
24.03.12 - 15.09.12


This spring Faurschou Foundation will present a solo exhibition by Chen Zhen, one of the best known exponents of Chinese avant-garde art. The space is divided into two parts, one reveals the contradiction and conflicts of the society, and the other, by the form of a room, creats a place for spirit purification and culture lavation. He was born in Shanghai in 1955 and died in Paris in 2000.


Chen Zhen left China in 1986, and rapidly attracted international attention for his remarkable mixedmedia installations. The exhibition at Faurschou Foundation presents a variety of Chen Zhen's sculptures and installations produced between 1992 and 2000 - most of them made out of all kinds of everyday objects like cloth, candles, chairs, fabric, bicycle tubes and other objets trouvés.


Chen Zhen lived in Shanghai and Paris and travelled a lot in Europe, USA, South America, and Middle East. At a t i m e when neither multiculturalism nor globalization had yet become dominant discourses, Chen Zhen was interested in cross-cultural social dynamics. His own experience of being between cultures and his great interest and engagement in the various cultures he constantly met, made him coin the concept "transexperiences". This is a central concept in Chen Zhen's work and expresses his striving to create harmony by acknowledging difference.


When he was 25, Chen Zhen began to suffer from haemolytic anaemia. This illness greatly influenced his art; Chen Zhen explores the intricate and often paradoxical relationship between the material and the spiritual, between community and individual, and between interior and exterior.


As an artist, Chen Zhen bears a sense of mission. The future and destiny of mankind is the key theme of Chen Zhen's works. He hopes people would reflect and meditate through his works. He expects a harmonious relationship between man and nature, man and man.


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