About Yue Minjun - 关于岳敏君


Yue Minjun was born in 1962 in northeastern China, and lives and works in Beijing. Growing up during the Cultural Revolution whetted his interest in the cultural codes in modern China, where Mao, despite criticism and thanks to the strength of propaganda, is still popular in many places.

Yue Minjun works with painting, sculpture and installation art and has become famous internationally for his characteristic paintings of hysterically laughing pink men who are all portraits of Yue Minjun himself. Yue was one of the leading artists of the styl­is­tic movement that has been called ‘cynical realism’ and which arose in Beijing after the massacre on Tienanmin Square in 1989. The many silent bouts of laughter have become Yue Minjun’s hallmark and can be seen as an ironic, powerfully political appeal for freedom of speech and democracy. 

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Portrait Yue Minjun