About Santiago Sierra - 关于圣地亚哥•西耶拉


Santiago Sierra (b. 1966) is preoccupied in his practice with, among other issues, problematizing the value of labour, as can be seen in the many works where he pays excluded social groups to participate in what are often quite pointless, physically exhausting, directly humiliating, labour. This can be seen in the work '10 People Paid To Masturbate' (2000) where ten men from Havana, Cuba, were paid 20$ to masturbate alone in front of a video camera. In '133 Persons Paid To Have Their Hair Dyed Blond' (2001) 133 illegal immigrants from third-world counties in Asia and Africa were paid to have their hair bleached in connection with the Venice Biennale the same year. A small group of immigrants who primarily lived by selling copied bags were subsequently invited to sell bags as part of the actual art exhibi­tion. The work 'NO' (2009) consists of a simple “No” in large black-painted letters. The expression only takes on meaning when it is placed in a context and the mean­ing changes depending on the specific setting of which it forms a part. Sierra, in other words, offers us a work that is, on the one hand, meaningless, but on the other hand, can be inserted in a multitude of contexts and functions as a kind of protest or opposition to the way things work.


生于 1966 年,因其高度关注劳动力价值的问题而被人们所熟悉。在许多作品中,他邀请社会的边缘群体,付钱给他们, 让 他 们 参 与 那 些 毫 无 意 义 、 耗 费 体 力 又 带 有 直 接 侮 辱 性 质 的 劳 动 行 为 。 他 的 作 品 《 1 0 个 为 酬 劳 而 手 淫 的 人 》( 1 0 P e o p l e Paid To Masturbate, 2000 年)纪录了 10 个来自古巴哈瓦那的人,每人被支付 20 美金酬劳,在摄像机前手淫。作品 《133 人将头发染成金色》(133 People Paid to Have Their Hair Dyed Blond, 2001)中,133 位来自亚洲和非洲 第三世界的非法移民,被付费要求在同年举办的威尼斯双年展期间将他们的头发漂染成金黄色。在另一件作品中,西耶 拉邀请一小群以兜售冒牌包袋为生的外来移民在展览现场贩卖冒牌货,作为展览的一部分。2009 年的作品《不》(No, 2009 年),仅由大大的黑色字母“NO”组成,只有被放置在一定的背景中,才会有意义,当背景变化时,作品的意义 也会相应改变。另一层面上说,西耶拉的作品一方面毫无意义,另一方面又可被放置在多元的背景当中,成为对事物运 作方式的抗议。

Portrait Santiago Sierra