About Mona Hatoum - 关于莫娜·哈透


Mona Hatoum was born into a Palestinian family in Beirut in 1952 and since 1975 has lived and worked in London. She originally went to England on a visit and stayed on when the outbreak of the civil war in Lebanon prevented her returning.

After studying at the Byam Shaw and the Slade School of Art in London, Hatoum first became widely known in the mid-'80s for a series of performance and video works that focused with great intensity on the body. Since the beginning of the '90s, her work moved increasingly towards large-scale installation works that aim to engage the viewer in conflicting emotions of desire and revulsion, fear and fascination. Hatoum has developed a language in which familiar, domestic everyday objects like chairs, beds, cots and kitchen utensils are often transformed into foreign, threatening and sometimes dangerous objects. Even the human body is rendered unfamiliar in 'Corps étranger' (1994), a video installation that displays an endoscopic journey through the interior landscape of her own body.

Hatoum's work has been exhibited widely in solo exhibitions in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia.

Photo by Jim Rakete © Mona Hatoum





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Portrait Mona Hatoum