About Georg Baselitz - 关于乔治·巴塞利茨


Georg Baselitz (b.1938) is a German painter, sculptor and graphic artist. In the 1960s he became well known for his figurative, expressive paintings. Georg Baselitz is one of the most prominent visual artists of his generation. He works with sculp­ture, drawings and graphic art, but is best known for his characteristic paintings whose subjects are often shown "upside down" in order to stress that the picture is a painted surface rather than a painted subject.

His work has developed in the arena of the reception of German expressionism on the one hand, and the lightness of American painting (Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning) on the other. Since 2006 he has produced so-called remix paintings in which, with an unprecedented lightness of touch, he re-examines the iconography of his own historical works.