About Emily Jacir - 艾米丽•贾西尔


Emily Jacir (b. 1970) was born in Palestine and currently lives around the Mediterranean. Jacir's works span a wide range of media and strategies, including photography, social interventions, installation, performance, video and sound. She often problematizes the consequences that political and religious views have for the individual. Jacir is particularly preoccupied with the issues in the Middle East, and her works often take their cue from the challenges that the Palestinian people face daily because of the Israeli occupation of the country. 

© Photo by Sarah Shatz


艾米丽·贾西尔, 1970年生于巴勒斯坦,现生活于地中海地区。作品媒介概念跨度广泛,包括摄影,社会干预,装置、行为、视频和声音。贾西尔非常关注中东问题,质疑政治和宗教对个体产生的影响,经常在作品中暗示由于以色列的占领迫使巴勒斯坦人每天面临的各种挑战。

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Portrait Emily Jacir