About David Claerbout - 关于大卫·克拉尔博

David Claerbout (born 1969, Kortrijk, Belgium) is one of the most innovative and acclaimed artists working in the realm of moving images, his oeuvre includes photography, film and digital technology. Throughout his career, David Claerbout has dedicated his time in the nature of photography and film. Fusing together the past, present and future into stunning moments of temporal elasticity, his works present profound and moving philosophical contemplations on our perception of time and reality, memory and experience, truth and fiction.

Using pixel constellations, image sequences, light, speed, speech, music and ambient sound, installation environment and the technologies used to convey these, his strikingly sensual compositions elicit new modes of perceptual absorption, expectations, comprehension and memory.

© Photo by Patricia Mathieu, Brussels


大卫·克拉尔博 ,1969年生于比利时,现生活工作于安特卫普和柏林。创作方式包括摄影、视频和声音艺术,以大型视频装置闻名,常以移动和静止的影像相互结合,制造在顺序和叙事性影像间的停顿感。


图片由Patricia Mathieu拍摄,布鲁塞尔



Portrait David Claerbout