About Adel Abdessemed - 关于阿德尔·阿贝德赛梅


Adel Abdessemed (b. 1971) is from Algeria, he was forced to move to France in 1994 as a result of political unrest in his home country. Today he lives and works in Paris. He expresses himself in installation, video, photography, sculpture and drawing. In his works, Abdessemed often confronts political issues, in relation to both the Muslim world and the West. His works make reference to the situations of everyday life, juxtaposing the ordinary with ethical and philosophical considerations.

阿德尔·阿贝德赛梅, 1971年生于阿尔及利亚,1994年由于政治动荡,被迫移居法国,现生活工作于巴黎。创作方式包括装置、录像、摄影、雕塑和绘画。阿贝德赛梅的作品常涉及穆斯林和西方世界的政治问题,从日常生活状态出发,融合了伦理道德和哲学思考。